Increase customer satisfaction and the use of JReview within existing customers.

Increase the ROI for customers by improving the use of JReview within the organization.

Reduce the loss of software knowledge from turnover.

Offer Industry solutions applicable to an organization in the form of Best Practices.

Improve the upgrade process and knowledge of new release enhancements.

Professional Services Department Goals

Consulting Services Offered

Custom System Installation and Integration

IQ Development and Execution

Custom OQ Development and Execution

Gap Analysis

Best Practices

Standard Object Guidance/Co-Development

Support of Custom Object Development

Process/Deployment Analysis Planning

Training Development and Delivery


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Managed JReview Hosted Solution

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ICS is now offering a managed, hosted solution of JReview for customers needing a JReview environment without the hassle.  It is a perfect solution for customers without a DBMS or central data warehouse or project teams looking for a quicker solution for implementing JReview.  Scalable, reliable, and a management-free solution for your JReview needs.  It makes sense to have ICS install, upgrade, and manage your JReview environment in our cloud and still view your clinical data via nightly downloads.



  • a custom launch site like:
  • a private SharePoint portal to access quality documents
  • Quick Startup – weeks, not months, from initial start of install to JReview use
  • ICS handles the data loading
  • ICS Manages JReview (No need for a JReview Administrator)


Technical Features:

  • Fully Documented IQs are done on the Hardware and Software
  • Supports 2 Factor Authentication, if needed
  • SSL encrypted data
  • Real-time offsite Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Includes one upgrade per year and bug fix patches as needed


Offers an option for new and existing customers:

  • Perfect for customers without a DBMS or central data warehouse and who receive data from CROs or EDC systems
  • Beneficial for “One-Off” Projects for project teams
  • Since ICS maintains the environments and upgrades, customers can stay current with versions of JReview
  • Off-load technical support for JReview to the experts
  • Can be scaled up quickly to meet increased volume
  • All work on the production servers is fully documented for QA review
  • Highly recommend adding object development services to assist with creating libraries of objects to review your data

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